31 Jul 2003

I havent written in a BLOG before. I have been rather apprehensive about writing in BLOGS, so i havent the faintest idea what to put in. I installed Google Toolbar Beta 2.0 today which had this nice looking orange [B] Button which got me clicking.

Speaking of which, i really like the way Google toolbar is coming along. The first one i tried out was pretty good. I have tried writing toolbars before. It was a financial deal-maker toolbar which hosted ad's in exchange for which it found out good deals for the browsing person. The google toolbar not only seems light but the items on it are well chosen. My personal favourite is the one which allows to "Search this site" - something i tend to do a lot. The new one comes with a "Popup Blocker" which i havent got around trying out yet. But i think a trip to any tripod based site should be enough to test it thoroughly.

Another tool i use from google is their Google API. I have used them in Java and found some scripts that use them in Perl. The new localized look for google is also pretty amazing !! Way to go people ..

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