11 Dec 2003

Quit Tobacco Movement !!

Note: This article has been moved over from my previous blog for historical purposes.

I dont need to write seperately about the ill-effects of smoking. The amazing fact is that it seems to be catching up with young girls now (and i mean 20 something girls !!). I always thought that the fairer sex was almost much smarter ! Anyway, without getting into the gender feud and as a staunch non-smoker, i have heard a lot of reasons why one should smoke (?!). I have always dismissed them as non-sense (had we meant to be smokers, i am sure we would have something made into us to the purpose ! A chimney perhaps ?)

The recently move by the indian cabinet (India joins tobacco ban campaign) is the most welcome news for me !! But i know that wont stop the smokers from smoking, but i am sure it will stop new smokers from joining the fold

Down with smoking !!

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