9 Feb 2004

Pakistans new IT Leader is a woman

Note: This article has been moved over from my previous blog for historical purposes.

Here's some good news for all the woman liberationists. Coming from a country like Pakistan thats particularly male oriented (newspapers use the words predominantly male  bastion), here's the countries latest IT hotshot - Jehan Ara
Jehan Ara is the CEO of Enabling Technologies - a leading multimedia and website development company in Karachi. She has been involved in Media and Communication for the last 23 years. She was born in Karachi but her home base, for the most part, has been Hong Kong and the Far East region.

Ara, was recently in India as a part of the PSHA (Pakistan Software House Association).  "It's not only me, but many women are joining the Pakistan software industry, especially in the design part and project management since women have eyes for details."  The PSHA has 200 companies whose collective worth is around $50-100 million, tiny compared to India's booming software industry worth $12 billion, but, says Ara, the Pakistani IT sector will grow rapidly over the next few years. 

"We will grow. The country has huge potential and advantages like a good English-speaking talent pool, robust telecommunication network, low bandwidth rates, and growing number of well educated engineers," she said.
"We are impressed by the maturity of the IT industry in India. The reason we have lagged behind is that we did not wake up early. But better late than never," says the technology entrepreneur.
On a personal note, its nice to know that our little brother is waking up to its potential. Way to go ara ! Keep it up ..

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