19 Jul 2004

6 days of gmail

i spent quite some time hunting for a gmail invite on the internet. Finally my sister-in-law came through and gave me an account. Today its been only 6 days since i signed up for gmail, here are some thoughts  from someone who has more email accounts than he has time to check:
  • The first thing i noticed about gmail was - its fast !!
  • The second thing was - its no nonsense
  • The third thing and my favourite - keystrokes !
  • I primarily use Yahoo! groups for all my group mail subscriptions, so changing all my subscriptions to point to gmail was a breeze ! I either operate, moderate or am subscribed to more than 200 user groups over the internet (thats a cool 15000 mails a day!). With gmail, managing them is a breeze now.
  • Though it did take me a while to get the "Labels" thing; Now that i have - i love it !
  • Utilities - gmail has barely been around for months and its already got several utils (from MacOS to Windows - its all there) 
  • Cool hacks and tips
  • And what not ..

So at the end of the day - me, who has too many accounts has only one ! Now is that cool or what ? 

So far,  i have consumed around 30% of the 1000 Mb (a cool gig) thay i've got and still the speed hasnt gone down a bit.  Now, all i am waiting for is some invites so that i can spread the goodies around :)

Note: For those of you who still havent got a invite (google isnt giving any at the moment), u could head out to walla.com, it has a gig-space account as well :)

Note: I dont have any gmail invites at the moment (before i get hit with a spray of please-invite-me mails).

- Mayuresh 

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