22 Jul 2004

Cool Tool - GmailerXP* by Abiel Jaquez 
This nifty little app, still in its beta stage, combines the power of already popular gmail apps like GML (marklyon.org), G-Mailto and other such apps.

With features like being able to download all your gmail's as they are locally to your machine, operate over multiple accounts and give you cool looking balloon notification on receipt of new mail(s) - GmailerXP would make a good addition to your email tools collection. 

Abiel  is looking for help with his project. If you are a C# developer, do consider giving him a hand !

* requires Microsoft .NET runtime to be installed

Note: sorry about that Abiel (my earlier post incorrectly credited someone else)

1 comment:

abiel said...

Its all good, thanks for posting this article, I'm glad to see my program has sparked so much interest from people :)