20 Jul 2004

Father of Internet receives Knighthood

Tim Berners-Lee, the man credit with inventing one of the most widespread phenomenon - the internet, was awarded knighthood - the rank of Knight Commander, Order of the British Empire in recognition of his "services to the global development of the Internet" through the invention of the World Wide Web. (source: Digit Magazine Online)

It was he who coined the term World-wide-web (WWW), wrote 'httpd' and and the first client program (now known as a browser) called "WorldWideWeb" back in the October of 1990 (gosh ! wasnt that long ago - was it ?). His words when interviewed "The Web must remain a universal medium, open to all and not biasing the information it conveys. As the technology becomes ever more powerful and available, using more kinds of devices, I hope we learn how to use it as a medium for working together, and resolving misunderstandings on every scale.". The knighthood adds to his already impressive list of very well-deserved awards.

My kudos to such a great mind!

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