22 Jul 2004

First virus for PocketPC arrives on the scene - and its polite too !

As if a virus-prone PC-based operating system wasnt enough. Microsoft's offering for the mobile world - Windows CE has found its first infector - Duts.1520.

Developed by a member of 29A VX writing group, the virus targets Pocket PCs and Smart Phones running Windows CE. Duts.1520The virus will run if the user enables the file to be launched. And its polite too - it actually asks permission on the phones screen (see fig) before infecting.

This seems to be a proof-of-concept virus mailed straight to the antivirus developers. Duts is special - because not only does it herald the arrival of a completely new kind threat but it also brings this threat to the mobile world (something u cant just unplug to stop spreading).

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