26 Jul 2004

"Tour de France" gets techno, tracks riders from space

Here's another cool example of technology meeting sports. The "Tour de France" was made history for more than one reasons this year. For one Lance Armstrong
(see pic: Courtesy tourdefrancenews.com) forever made it into history books by becoming the first person to win this race SIX times in a row ! Little suprise for someone who's driven back death with strong hard determination (stuff true heroes are made of)

However, the second reason was equallty interesting. This year they also Mapped the Tour de France Riders from Space ! It is now possible to track the position and speed of each rider in the race thanks to EGNOS european satellite tracking system - a preparatory programme for the Galileo system (see details).

The world, they say, is getting smaller. But it simply doesnt stop being full of little surprises - does it :)

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