10 Aug 2004

Kargil Prisoners return home.

source: telegraphindia.comYesterday, in , an exchange of prisoners between India and Pakistan, two indian prisoners - Lance Naik Jagsir Singh and Sapper Mohammed Arif, were handed back to india in exchange for four pakistani prisoners.

According to the Telegraph (India), the two soldiers were captured by the Pakistani Army when they strayed across the Line of Control (LOC) in September 1999 - during the kargil conflict. Back home, their names were struck off the army rolls - banded as deserters (!?). During the recent peace initiatives Islamabad brought to light the fact that these two were in their prison for over 4 years.

Immediately after confirmation of the soldiers in Pakistani prisons was confirmed, the army swung into action. They say that the balance of financial assistance of over Rs. 2 lakhs was each provided to the families of the soldiers. Army spokesman Brigadier V.K. Chauna has also said that the two soldiers will be put up for questioning - if found guilty of deliberately crossing the LOC they stand to lose their jobs.

Going missing has its own hazards, epsecially for Sapper Mohammed Arif who's wife married two years after he went missing. Arif has no regrets over this and felt that under the circumstance he would have done the same.

On my side - Welcome home boys !

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