22 Aug 2004

Meet kalaripayyat

A recent article on rediff.com - the indian news portal brought to my attention Kalaripayyat.

Meet Kalarippayat - India's own martial art. Using a unique combination of Ayurvedic Herbal treatment, combined with some hard training - kalarypayyat is said to be carried by Buddist monks to china where it laid the foundation of todays modern martial arts.

According to the site the name "Kalaripayyat" comes from "kalari"which means school or arena and "payat" which is skill training, excercise or practice. Check out some excellent photos. It includes marma treatment (marma = vital points of the body) in form of pressing or gentle nudging to correct muscular and neurological problems. The massage involves standing full length over the patient and applying pressure with the feet ! The important thing is that this is the only martial art that draws equal participation from women.

And you thought, the only thing india was famous for was movies and software ? ;)

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