25 Aug 2004

Project Gutenberg

source: gutenberg.netOne thing about the internet that drew me to it was the amount of good work it generates. In the several years i have spent browsing the internet (and i am sure, i havent even covered 1 millimeter) i have always come across - what i call unified efforts. Stuff done by people who have come together for a good cause or sometimes simply for the sheer hell of it ! I have also seen such "efforts" take great shapes (i guess the operating system Linux is a popular example).

Here's another one i ran into recently - Project Gutenberg, the oldest producer of free electronic books (also popular as eBooks) on the internet. Now, there's this group called Project Gutenbergs Distributed Proofreaders. Founded in 2000, this group supports digitization of publicly avaialable books - which means they take public books and convert them into electronic form, which can be used over the internet. And then such digitized books are archived into the Gutenberg project. Books are avialable in several formats like PDF, HTML, Audio books, CD images, PDA versions and what not..

A recent post at slashdot, anouncing that this group has posted it 5,000th ebook to the project brought it to my attention. U can find several immortal works here (e.g: Works of Jules Verne, Aeosops Fables, Archimedes, Aristotle and more ..). Here's a link to the catalog

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