2 Aug 2004

Serafina - World's tiniest submarine

source: thestraitstimes.comI remember having seen this movie called "The voyage through the human body" a few years ago. the movie featured a submarine being miniaturized and injected into the human body. This little peice of news cannot but help but remind me of that movie.

The article, "World's tiniest submarine emerges from Down Under" shows a submarine built by australian researchers, claimed to be the smallest in the world. Serfina, its designers say, has been built with the intent of shipwreck recovery, though it could have military uses. And whats more, according to its Chief designer Dr. Uwe Zimmer, its development and production cost were a fraction of the real thing - US$ 700.

The only concern the designers have it that serafina could be eaten by sea animals. Now u know why it reminds me of the movie ;)

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