2 Aug 2004

Want to buy water from princess diana memorial fountain or the loch ness ?

There's a old indian (the one from India) saying "The world is ready to be fooled, all that is required is some who is willing to fool it". Here's this interesting post on ebay, that sells, in his words "princess diana memorial fountain water (authentic)" for a british pound. What next ?

Well, i thought that this was the limit. Wait until you here the next one. There is this brit who's actually selling what he calls "Genuine Loch Ness water" (yes, the same lake of the mythical loch ness monster). Read article "MegaStar - Loch, stock and barrels". Aparently, Mr Ball who manages a store at Turriff, Aberdeenshire got this idea from an American friend who asked him to send over some water from the Loch as a souvenir. The idea got rolling. By now, Mr. ball seems it have sold almost 200 bottles to buyers in America, Australia, New zealand, Kenya, Canada, etc for as high as £6 a pint !

A fact for those who suddenly feel like buying a bottle yourself, important to note is that the water is un-drinkable and only thing you can do with it is keep it on the shelf. Another cool fact is the "Loch water" is not the only one to sell. You can also find water from Thames, the royal palace and what not for sale on ebay.

So, do u have some important place nearby thats got water - what are you waiting for :))

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