24 Aug 2004

Weather gets 3D gaming makeover

source: bbc.comIts not often that a technology for gaming freaks helps the weather man. The latest and best of gaming technology is being used to change the way weather is visualized at the BBC.

Weatherscape XT - a 3D weather software developed by a NZ firm metra (Click here for a demo) and the BBC will be soon used to give viewers a 3 dimensional look at the weather. Looks like the BBC is working hard to keep its promise of becoming better and giving viewers the best of whats already there.

source: bbc.comWhile the use of gaming technology is a first when it comes to weather, its certainly not the first when it comes to BBC. Last year BBC has already used the same technology to render the first ever 3D virtual landscape maps or england & wales. The result - Norwich Union has announced that it will be using the technology to adjust premiums based on flood risks.

Talking about 3D, here are also some 3D maps of the world yet produced. Please note this is a old peice of news (dated 4/Aug/2001). But it looks like 3D is here to stay!

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