9 Sep 2004

And the UK Net villain award goes to .. the government

source: BBCIn a suprising (but then again, the not so surprising) development, the UK Home Office has won the nomination for the nets villains 2002 for its restrictions on netfirms and delays in decisions - and won! According to this article on BBC, "The Home Office was regarded by the judges as a worthy winner because of its confused and often contradictory policies on internet snooping laws".

At the same time, the internet Hero award went to Richard Allan (MP, Sheffield Hallam - see pic) for his inquiry into the myriad of govt. snooping laws. Another suprise was - BT (British Telecom) - who despite being UKs biggest ISP - did not pick up a single award.

Click here to see a detailed list of ISPA's Annual Internet Industry's Award 2003 winners .

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