22 Sep 2004

Commercial Exploitation at its worst !

Reality is indeed stranger than fiction. In my earlier post in August "Kargil Prisoners return home" i had mentioned a certain Sapper Mohammed Arif who had returned to find that his wife had remarried assuming that he was dead in action.

This second post picks up from that point. Recently, Zee TV reality Television show showed his wife Gudiya (which, by the way, means a doll in Hindi) declaring that she would accept the islamic law (the shariya) and return to her first husband. Muslim clerics have declared her second marriage to be invalidated since her first husband is still alive.

However, there's a small question of her being 8 months pregnant, carrying the child of her second husband - Taufiq. Arif has refused to accept the baby, but is said to be ready to accept his wife back. Taufiq on the other hand feels that the child needs his/her mother. (read detailed article).

What appalls me is that this family affair is being publicized on an international TV channel - they are actually making a profit out of it ! Shame ZEE !

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