19 Oct 2004

The man for a job long over due - former Tamil Nadu DGP Walter Dawaram

Age old cases are nothing new to India. However, i am simply tired of hearing the one about Veerappan (see profile). This forest dacoit continues, on a daily basis, to make a mockery of our way of life.

I cannot but help feel concerned about the state of affairs. How is it that a handful of people are able to hold sway against a pair of state govertments for such a long time? Why does the fact that several policement and innocent civilians have lost their lives and more continue to do so, not bother the governments? I believe this raises a question on the competence and credibility of both the governments.

Is is that we dont have people for the job? If we do are they not qualified or trained enough ? Even if all of this is true - why is it that a well-defined strategy is not being worked out to counter this problem. And if such a policy has already been worked out - why is it that the results are not visible. This merely indicates that the strategy wasnt simply good enough.

When one hears of governments that are extremely protective about its citizens - from internal as well as external miscreants, i cannot but help compare them with ours. We happen to be the worlds biggest democracy - and yet, our democratically chosen few are not up to the job! Most of them are busy with slinging mud on their so called political opponents, when they should be busy doing their jobs in the first place.

Coming back to the Veerappan problem, i recently read an interview with former Tamil Nadu DGP Walter Dawaram. If, what he says is true, then he seems to be the man for the job. Just give the man what he wants - let him do his job. To him, i say this "Mr. Walter - Sir, we already have a lot of problems in our hands. Most of them far more important than Veerappan. Ones like poverty, education and corruption to name the top three in a long list. It would be nice to see Veerappans name come off that list. And if you are the man to make that happen - then do it and get it over with."

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