1 Nov 2004

Growing up alone.

source: bbc.co.ukNew technology brings forth new issues. First, it was not being computer literate that was a major hurdle. As more and more people start bringing computers at home, children are getting exposed to computing at a very early age. Thats good in a way. Many of us live with phobias of computers - the newer generation will grow around it. However, too much of good is bad.

The world of computing can be very addicitive. I should know, as a IT professional i spend a minimum of 10 hours on computers. However, wherever i go i am worried about youngsters doing the same. I have been recently reading an article on BBC - "Are we raising a generation of 'young loners'?", that addresses this question.

My personal opinion? Well, all said and done - computers are here to stay. But for children personal growth is important! They need to go out there, play, fall down get scratched and learn the rules of real life first. Because the computer screens gonna have to be switched of sometime or the other - what happens then? One day, you eyes will be too old to see the computer screen - what happens then? Everything in life has to be done in a balance - i have no issues about kids playing computer games, but reading real books and seeing the sunlight outside the house is equally important !

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Gale said...

I agree! It must be very hard raising kids now... my son (30) just slid in between the computer illiterate and the computer adicted.

Well I have finally mastered enough to get my whale blog off the ground and am getting ready to work more on the seal one so hope you will stop by. Your encouragement has been much appreciated.