10 Feb 2005

Worlds biggest and smallest babies.

Here's a interesting coincidence. Worlds biggest baby (8 Kgs) and the smallest (8.6 ounces) were born with a difference of few months.
The worlds 2nd biggest baby, Ademilton dos Santos was born in in Salvador, North-east Brazil

While Rumaisa, the smallest baby girl, was delivered in Chicago's Loyola University Medical Center. However, in the past 5 months she has gained weight and is currently 5 pound 8 ounces. Born prematurely, she was just 17 inches long.

Update: Our little Brazilian friend Ademilton is no longer the top title holder. He was displaced by Nadia Barabanova in 2009 :)
Update: Nadia in turn was displaced in the same year by Akbar Risuddin from Indonesia.


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