19 Apr 2005

Free turn-based multiplayer strategy game - Freeciv

FreecivI love civilzation games (my first one was microsoft age of empires). a post on slashdot brought Freeciv to my notice.

I've downloaded it (approx 10.1 MB) and fired up the installer. Apart fro m the installation folder, it didnt ask (expect?) much. I fired up the game and got a screen that asked me for some game settings. I accepted the defaults.

Once the game started, it looked pretty much like the screenshot (zoom) on the right (source: freeciv.org), albeit with much lesser territory. My advise to those who will be playing such games for the first time - it would be a good idea to go through an introduction to the game.

All in all, i did not find the game very intuitive. However, reading the manual did help more and more sense. What i like about the game is that it makes multiplayer gaming a breeze. So, if you are someone who's looking to kill sometime, has a couple of PCs/Macs connected to each other, then install this game and play away.

On the suggestions side, the game could do with some improvements in graphics. The ability to drag my way around the map would be a great feature. More, as i play on.

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