25 May 2005

Pune is THE R&D destination

Here's an interesting article about Pune (the city where i come from) in Express Computer. It talks about how its rapidly becoming a R&D favourite for companies around the world. Its quite nice to read things like this.


SatishTalim said...

Mayuresh came to know about your blog thro' Amit Karmakar.

Pune is growing by leaps and bounds but the infrastucture is lagging way far behind. Pune roads and traffic is in a mess; power cuts are a way of life...

Mayuresh said...

sadly, i concur. However, i hope that pune will take lessons from cities like mumbai and come up with better ways of managing traffic (look at what its doing with bangalore!).

As for power cuts, we NEED to sort out basic infrastructural stuff like that or our dream of putting Pune on the global map will crash before it takes off!