22 Jun 2005

UK Classifieds - especially for people living in and around london

After my move into the south of UK, i have been looking for bits and peices (thats another term i picked up here) for my house. Whether its a vaccum cleaner, hindi DVDs, computer spare parts (like a flat pin power cord for my laptop) or just about anything else - classifieds are what you should be looking at. Here are a few more sites offering classified listings, most of which are free:
  • Gumtree - eBay just bought this out.
  • Craigs List - an American site, which also has a Huuuge London-related listing.
  • PreLoved - a great place for looking at second-hand stuff (Site Logo - The joy of second hand).
  • Britlist - i havent tried this one, but looks promising.

If you have any, do share the good stuff!

1 comment:

TottenhamTim said...

Originally I stumbled across britlist when I was looking for a cheap car to get me around but since then I have bought a few things on there. I bought a sofa and a dishwasher and saved quite a few pounds so can highly recommend it.