28 Jul 2005


The muslim community has currently come under a lot of flak. As a hindu, i dont know a lot of islam and the reverse is also true i am sure. I do have a lot of muslim friends and none of them are too happy about the situation.

The reason, why i am bringing up this topic is that i ran into this interesting article on BBC news which has a muslim cleric scholar explain what Jihad is. From what he says, it sounds like a noble concept. But history is witness to the fact that the noblest of idea's have always been twisted badly and colored exactly to look like what they were never supposed to be.

Here's another article by Daniel Pipes of the New York Post . And finally, here's what wikipedia has to say on the subject - it is a struggle against all that is perceived as evil in the cause of that which is perceived as good, a cosmic and epic struggle spanning time and all dimensions of human thought and action, and transcending the physical universe. Sounds reasonable and a good thing to do, right? Then where did it go wrong?

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