14 Aug 2005

My next movie to watch: The Rising

source: bbc.com Here's my movie to watch. This is the movie i want to watch next. Amir Khan looks smart in the get-up of a sepoy of the british army during the british rule in 1857. I hope his back to the past moustaches start a new fashion fad!

For those unaware of the Indian history, the story revolves around events that occur in 1857 that were to be the sparks of the indian struggle for independence.

See BCCs review of the film here..


Yogesh said...

Hi Mayur, Did you manage to see the film? The first-hand reviews seem to quite disappointing ! :-|

Mayuresh said...

Hmm. people back home have been telling me the same thing. Somehow the british press seems to have made a good deal of noise about it.

I plan to watch it anyway. I've not always found opinions to be trustworthy.

- Mayuresh