2 Feb 2006

Its a cartoon guys..

I have been recently reading about the muslim world being angry (source: BBC) over a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad that was published in Denmark and then republished by several newspaper. The article says it sparked a protest among muslims world-wide. The protest went as far as gunmen surrounding EU offices in Gaza, death threats being given out. The BBC quoted the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warning that "the decision by some European papers to publish the cartoons could encourage terrorists".

Umm, guys - without meaning to judge whether this is right or wrong - dont you think that this has gone too far? I mean, come on, death threats for printing a cartoon. If everyone started doing this - it would lead to the death of mankind in a very short time. And i would certainly like the egyptian president to explain how a cartoon encourage terrorism?

I have muslim friends and colleagues. None of them are treated any differently than any of us - by any of us. If they can take a joke (and smile at a cartoon) like the rest of us - why cant everyone? Why does it have to come to guns and burning stuff?

Seeing cartoons of gods/ holy men isnt new. I have seen cartoons of christ, hindu gods being worn on bikinis to buddha statues being destroyed (to name a few). Take it easy people!

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Frank said...

This is because of the recently drawn up line of senseofhumour, to go with GMT, the equator and the various tropics. On google earth it can be found surrounding most of the arabic world.