10 Mar 2006

Rubiya shunned by local mosque for practicing Indian Classical dance.

credits: BBC
Rubiya (age 16) who lives in Kerala, India is currently being shunned by the local mosque because she is practicing Indian Classical dance. A muslim by religion, BBC reports that she has been dancing since the age of 3 and has won several competitions. However, the local mosque has chosen to shun her since she is excelling in non-muslim art forms that muslim ones.

Had she won prizes in 'oppana' and 'mappila pattu' [traditional Muslim art forms], she would have been flooded with gifts by now. The mahallu leaders would never openly admit that it is her dance that makes them treat us as virtual outcasts.

I think its a shame that people choose to have such narrow views! And good going Rubiya - wish you all the best!

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Anonymous said...

Dance is a form of physical and mental exercise and so much better than watching TV or doing something inane. we should be encouraging our children to take up more of these kinds of rigourous activities.

Mayuresh said...

I agree. And i dont think we should apply such restrictions to children. Its like asking children not to read "shayari" because it is not of their religion. Silly, isnt it.