11 May 2006

The Afghan rapper called Besho

source: news.bbc.co.ukLooks like Afghanistan in healing. A little under 5 years after the Taleban regimen was overthrown, a rapper has emerged on the scene.

DJ Besho, born as Bejan Zafarmalis the Afghanistans only rapper. He picked up the rapper influence when in Germany. But he delivers his rap in the conservative iran with great care. According to the BBC:

DJ Besho's subject matter thus far has remained studiously uncontroversial. In one song he adapted an old Afghan tune to sing about his love for Afghanistan. In another he sang in restrained tones about a beautiful girl with captivating dark eyes.

I think, thats a tough thing to do - keep uncontroversial while rapping. As a neighbour, its nice to see the Afghan wounds heal. Good luck my friend!

Read more about it in the article on BBC South Asia News here: Gangsta rap, Afghan style

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