12 Jun 2006

Pu La Deshpande remembered

source: puladeshpande.netToday i remember my favourite marathi author P. L. Deshpande on his 6th death anniversary.

My humble contribution to his memory this year has been in the form of my work on a wikipedia page dedicated to him. I have also put together a small collection of his famous quotes at Wikiquotes - P. L. Deshpande. It is from here that i quote:

शेवटी काय हो, आपण पत्त्याच्या नावाचे धनी, मजकुराचा मालक निराळाच

Translation:In the end, all we own is the name on the address. Some else (God) is the owner of matter within.

For a person like me, sitting hundreds of kilometers from home, his works helps me remain connected with my roots and all that is marathi. My salute to the great soul!

To visit: His website: Puladeshpande.net

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