9 Jul 2006

Dont throw it away - Freecycle it

source: site.com Moving out of town? Dont throw stuff away -- Freecycle it. Join the FreecycleNetwork that is made up of individuals around the globe. The idea is to reduce waste by giving away things for FREE instead of throwing them away. Imagine being on the receiving side and you will understand the benefits.

Freecycle operates as a Yahoo! group moderated by a local member. Post whatever you want to give away or ask for whatever it is you want. You may be surprised.

I was surprised to find so much stuff lying about that i could give away. All i needed to do was look. Then again, i found so much stuff i was looking for ;-) Its great, because its FREE!

Join freecycle at Freecycle.org.

Note: Image courtesy Freecycle.org

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