24 Aug 2006

Smooth Paud-Mulshi road speaks against PMC

This liiving in Pune know that it is a city of bad roads. Great people .. but BAD roads. Recently, the newspapers were full of newly re-surfaced roads being destroyed by rains. The Govt. had lost crores of rupees of tax-payers hard-earned money. Most Pune-kars (Marathi for Pune residents) have long lost faith that the Govt. can build good roads.

However, here's a interesting article that talks about the 33 KM long Pune-Mulshi road that has been built by HCC (Hindustan Construction Company). They built it cheaper, faster and it has been standing without a single pot-hole for years. Arun Datar, the former General Manager of L&T has this to say:

Has it not rained in Mulshi or Dehu? Why the roads there do not have potholes there?

True, very true. This means such road can be built and one doesnt have to spent heavily for it. So whats stopping this from happening? The answer is obvious - politicians and babu's. Its a shame that they chose to stand in the way of progress.

The article: This
Smooth Paud-Mulshi road speaks against PMC

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