26 Aug 2006

Space: Pluto demoted to being a "dwarf planet".

In a development that is being called historic, the scientific community has updated the definition of what can and cannot be called "a planet". According to the now out-dated defintion, anything round was a planet. But that means we have 53 planets in the solar system, according to Michael Brown (California Inst. of Technology). And more are being discovered regularly.

But now, the definition has been revised to become
a genuine planet has to be round, has to orbit the sun and ``has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.''
And that means Pluto is out since it is one of the many icy objects in the Kuiper belt. However, this result has not met with a lot of enthusiasm as Pluto has a variety of admirers. From Children (Pluto is the name of a Disney character), Young Astronomers, etc.

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