19 Dec 2006

Fighting to make a difference.

Today i read the an article on rediff.com - "My fight is against students with criminal record" (Dt. 18th December 2006). It speaks of Lucknow University Vice Chancellor R P Singhs fight against hooliganism and criminalized politics at University level.

Here are a few thoughts on the topic:
  • India is shining brighter everyday on the international horizon. The sleeping giant has been awakened. It is only now that we are starting to realize our own potential. I see this as an opportunity to match our glorious history with a glorious future.
  • The only hurdle i see in being able achieve this are people who we have charged with running our country - the politicians. Its quite fitting that they are referred to as politicians and not leaders. Especially since all they play at is politics - no leadership.
  • From what i see and hear on the news, these folks seem to be more interested in getting rich than doing their jobs. I am sure there are a few who are do their jobs. But their efforts are tarred by the unscrupulous majority.
  • Coming back to the point of this post, i believe majority politicians start their careers as student leaders and then make their way up the political ladder. So it would be reasonable to assume that university/ college level politics are the source of majority of future politicians. Quite ironically, despite starting their careers at the source of education, most politicians seem to lack basic qualities that one expects from an educated person (language, the lack of appreciation of education, lack of respect to teachers and educational institution in general, etc.).
  • All of this makes Mr. Singh's fight all the more important. It is quite disturbing, although not surprising, to know that university students posses firearms. As if this was not enough, tax payers money is being spent protecting them.
I think its great of Mr. Singh to continue doing his job despite the odds stacked against him. Should he succeed, he will have struck a blow at the very root of our problem. Many kudos to him and his supporters. I am writing to let him know that his work and efforts are appreciated by people like me - from all around the world.

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