2 Jan 2007

The 7-year-old surgeon

Last night i watched an extremely interesting show on Channel Five on cable TV. It was titled "The 7-year-old surgeon". The show featured Akrit Jaswal - a 12 year genius from India, who dream is to
  • Find a cure for Cancer
  • Be the youngest person to win a Nobel prize
  • Find a cure for AIDS
What makes Akrit special is that he is tested to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein, he performed his first surgery at the 8 of age and has already memorized several medical books. All this when kids of his age are learn the basics of science. He is already India's youngest University student.

The documentary goes on to show Akrit's achievements, follows him on his trip to the imperial college in London and allows us to listen to him discuss medicine with renowned Biologists and medics.

I am not sure if they are going to re-air the documentary. But if you haven't seen it yet, its highly recommended.


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