24 Jul 2008

Free Online lectures from IIT Bombay and other Universities

IIT (short for Indian Institutes of Technology) are India's leading education institutes. They are also arguably the most recognized name out of the several in the Indian education system.

IIT Bombay recently announced that they would make their lectures available online for free under it's Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme (CDEEP) (Note that the website is very slow to load and may even be down at times. I am hoping that the folks over at CDEEP are looking into this).

Similar programmes exist with other universities. For example the US-based MIT (short for Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has a programme called MIT Open Courseware that offers free lecture notes, exams, and videos from actual course. For international students translated versions are also available.

UC Berkley (short for University of California, Berkley) is another US-based university offering lectures as videos on Youtube.com.

If you know of any others please share them as comments below.

Read the details [from rediff.com]

See also: Free online courses from Stanford University.

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