2 Jul 2008

Indian weddings - the new western fad?

In the age where walk-down-the-aisle marriages are all rage with the Bollywood films industry, people who actually have to do it are finding the desi way a bit more appealing. See BBC article "US tastes Indian wedding spectaculars".

I mean, come on! The groom riding in on a white horse all decked up in flowers is wayyyy more fun :) It turns more heads (especially if you are in the US/UK) and not to mention your near and dear ones can dance their feet off . Your friends and relatives can talk about it for ages (again, perhaps forever if this is outside India).

Sound too far fetched? Look at this classified advertisment (titled: Asian Baraat White wedding horse) from the UK. Here's an extract from the contents of the ad

It has taken years to train this White Wedding Horses to be at home in the traditional Splendour of an Asian Wedding. This horse is fully trained to ignore noise such as drum music, The Dhol drummers, the Bollywood Brass Band music, the wedding dancers and the cheers of your family as you ride to your wedding.

.. If you want to feel like a true star and go for a professional touch, Asian Wedding Horse will add that sparkle. My horse is experienced and has already carried grooms to more than 25 wedding venues throughout North England in the last 2 years. Make your wedding day one that will have lasting memories to cherish forever!

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And if you can afford it, why not an elephant instead of a horse! I dont know many Indian weddings (in India) where i've seen that being done.

Image credits: BBC News.

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