31 Jul 2008

Scrabulous being taken for US and Canadian users.

I have just started playing Scrabulous on Facebook. I must say it's great!

I had never really played Scrabble a lot until recently. But I must say I am really starting to like the game. It's a shame to see it being taken off. It may very well inspire people like me to go out and actually buy the game.

I think It's a shame to see Hasbro (the owners of Scrabble) waste an excellent opportunity. They could have very well bought the game or hired the developers of the game, making it official. That way they would have inherited a large user base (estimated 2.3 million of us!). And who knows, with the funding the game would have gotten better! But instead they went off and created their own version of the game which is absolutely dreadful! I doubt it will survive for long.

Oh and yes, the game is pretty much still accessible from within the UK. Although there are reports that suggest otherwise. I was able to add the game to my facebook profile a few minutes before writing this post. For the moment it has only been brought down for US and Canadian users. The game is still available to Facebook users outside North America.

Image credit: scrabulous.com

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