9 Aug 2008

Plant Cultures

If you are someone who loves a bit of gardening and are also fond of Indian food at the sametime, try growing some plants that are key ingredients in Indian/ Asian recipes.

One such example is the curry plant. Apart from it's culinary importance, this plant also has a long list of medicinal properties. A few of them are
  • anti-diabetic (good for diabetic patients),
  • anti-oxidant (improves resistance),
  • anti-inflammatory (prevents or cures swelling),
  • hepatoprotective (protects the liver from toxins) and
  • anti-hypercholesterolemic (helps control cholesterol level)
You can start growing this plant by starting with some cuttings from the curry leaves that available in the market.

Read: Curry leaf - grow it (via Plantcultures.org) and Curry Tree (via Wikipedia.org).

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