10 Sep 2008

Stop being scammed (or cheated) by emails

It is quite common to see emails promising lot of money, announcing that you've won a new car, cure of health problems, asking for donations for patients that are sick, warning of disasters that are about of happen and even offering jobs. An increasing number of people are believing such emails and are getting cheated into handing over money or bank details in exchange for false promises.

The next time you receive such an email and cant believe your luck, think twice. If it is too good to be true - then it is probably too good to be true. As I've said before, take a few minutes to carefully look at the email. Use your favourite search engine to find more information - especially using text from the email, senders email address or the subject of the email. An informal example of such a search can be found in my previous post about the BMW scam email.

Here's a concise overview of such "scam" (slang for "cheat") emails from rediff.com.

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