21 Dec 2008

Mozilla retiring support for Firefox 2

For all users of Firefox that are still on version 2 (to check if you are: Help >> About Mozilla Firefox). Mozilla has announced that it will be retiring support for Firefox version 2.

What does this mean?
This means that Mozilla will no longer be fixing problems with Firefox 2. It also means this will be the last time an update is available for this version.

So what happens to those of us on Firefox 2?
You need to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox - version 3. The latest version of Firefox can be always be downloaded from Firefox.com. Alternatively, simply click Help >> Check for Upgrades Menu in your Firefox browser.

So what's different about Firefox version 3?
Actually quite a bit. For one, it is a lot faster and lighter in terms of memory use. But here's a list of the new features (in plain English):


Oh and yes, for those of you not on Windows and/or looking for Firefox in your native language, look here:


You might note that there are quite a few Indian languages (look for Hindi/ Marathi/ Kannada/ Telugu/ Bengali and Gujarati) and non-Indian languages too.

Is there any way I can try version 3 without upgrading first?
Good question! And the answer is YES. The trick is to use Portable Firefox (what’s portable??). This is available as a single ZIP file. You simply unzip this to a folder and double-click the Firefox icon. That's it! The only restriction is that you can run only one version at a time. Uninstalling is simple. Just delete the folder you unzipped the files to.

Tip: Using this method you can pretty much try every available version of Firefox – even future ones!

Questions? If there a particular reason you wont upgrade? 
I would certainly like to know :-) Please post your info in the comments box below.

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