9 Jan 2009

City Views

Last night I was pleasantly surprised to come across the latest episode of my favourite British television drama series about a team of con artists – Hustle.


Apart from the Robin hood of the modern approach, the thing i enjoy most about this series is that it takes you through the various parts of London (both day and night) in the comfort of your sofa.

The screen shot above (series 5 episode 1) captures one such moment. That’s the dome of St. Pauls cathedral on the left hand. Now, I can’t wait to see episode two!

Here’s the Golden Gate Bridge appearing in the latest episode of Stargate Atlantis(Episode 20, Season 5).


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1 comment:

Anil said...

The plot was a bit predictable. After a while one could guess that it was Mikey and Ash who are getting conned. But still it was enjoyable to watch.

Me though can't wait for 24 Season 7 to begin and the resumption of Heroes.