8 Sep 2010

Doodling a stranger

I though I’d share a a small sketch I recently made while doodling on the back of a used envelope. I make quite a few of these, but they rarely end up looking human (I am particularly bad at making the lips).

Doodle #1 

As to who this is? This was someone who came by to drop off a parcel at my door. I didn’t ask for his name.

[View larger version on Flickr]


NRIGirl said...

Wow! That's awesome! Quiet impressive!

Do more please...

~ NRIGirl

Isingcakes said...

Thank you for your help this morning with my blog ID. You seem to have a flair for sketches. Fantastic job. Do more and have them registered in your blog. It is always nice to go through your past work.