23 Dec 2011

Flash Mobs - when the crowd starts to dance

The internet is a wonderful thing. There seems to be literally no end to the number of ways it effects our lives. For me, the latest delight is the fast spreading phenomenon of flash mobs. This is where a number of people come together to suddenly appear and perform something unusual - typically in a public place. Here's a collection of my favourite flash mobs.
For me it first started when I saw this video on youtube where people suddenly appear and start dancing to "Do Re Mi" (from the cult hit musical Sound of Music) at Antwerp station. What  really got me is that they appear, they perform and they dissolve back into the crowd as quickly as they appear. How exciting!

I saw this happen once again (this time in quick succession) after the pop icon Michael Jackson died. I noticed scores of flash mob dance tributes quickly popping up on the internet. The one below is one of the several dozen which quickly popped up. Oh what fun!

So, how do you take part in one? Simple, keep searching popular channels such as youtube or facebook for someone proposing one. Then there are also specific websites like Flashmob UK with links to events around the world. There's usually a rehearsal video that gets uploaded. Practice at home and show up at the decided time. And enjoy! Here's a video of one such rehearsals.

Of course, advertizing gurus were quick to notice the potential of this phenomenon. Here's T-mobile doing a flash mob at the Liverpool Station in London. Looks like good fun!

The movement started to spread with more and more people in different countries doing this. Here's one of my favourites from Mumbai to a particularly catchy bollywood tune

Then there's this one from Dubai Airport. I particularly enjoy watching the expressions of bystanders - first surprised and then having fun.

One from Sydney Australia adding flavour with some excellent Irish dancing.

Of course, not everyone used the same concept. Creative people made more improvement. Here's a wicked example from NYC where a large group of people download a MP3 from the internet and follow instructions to flash mob

And why stop at doing this outdoors. Here's a class where students decided to do this indoors - in a anthropology class. Couldn't think of a better way to study cultures :)

I hope this spreads even more and we see more and more creative variants. I, for one, cant seem to get enough of watching these videos.

I hope you enjoy them as much.

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