5 Mar 2012

A few improvements to my blog

A few improvements have been made to my blog. I spend an hour last weekend to check out the available choices and implement them. I've finally finished my tests and have decided to flick the switch to turn then on. Here's a small list.

  • My blog has evolved over the years. So a title upgrade was long overdue. I think the current title makes more sense to me.
  • Applied some new make-up :) - change in theme which should make it a bit easier to read.  Especially for those of you with glasses.
  • The blog is "mobile enabled" - meaning it should be easier to view and  and read when viewed through a hand-held device (like iPad, smartphone, etc)
  • Added a new "slide-out" which should popup as you move towards the end of a post. See the screenshot below (click to view a larger version). This is meant you to politely point you to other related blog posts

    In case you are interested, I used the easy-to-follow instructions available here.
  • Replaced some of the static content - hopefull which should help my readers locate popular content (For example, See "popular paged today" on the right.)
  • Other technical changes (should be invisible to my readers) which should improve the overall browsing experience, etc.
Please do leave a comment if you have anything to say on these. Or even if you are experiencing problems because of the new changes.

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