27 Sep 2012

Get Your Passport or Travel photos on the cheap

Getting the correct size of passport sized photos printed is an expensive affair! Here's a tip on how to save some money without compromising on your need.
The process is very simple, you will need
  1. A digital camera
  2. Access to the internet (which you already should if you are reading this) :)
  3. A Colour Photo Printer (with some photo printing paper)
    a USB Flash Drive
And here's what you do:

Head over to Epassportphoto.com. Pick your country and then the travel document that you need the photos for (as show below).

Screenshot - choose country and type of photo
Click on the big button titled "Get My Passport photos". The next page should give you some basic guidance on how you need to take your photo

Illustration Source: ePassportphoto.com
The next page will let you select a what your photo will finally look like - do this very carefully as a mistake here will cause your photos to be rejected (and this is what photographers or photo booths do for you). Click Next when you are done.

The last step is where you need to really pay attention. This page should ask you to choose Delivery and payment preference. Look for a "No Thanks" link on the right hand bottom

Click this link. On the next page, again find and click the "Skip to download" link - which should (finally!) get you to the page where you can download a your photo sheet.

What next?
I am assuming you've guessed by now. You need to get this photo sheet printed on to a "standard" size (4" x 6" / 10cm x 15cm) print.

You can do this on your home photo printer where you will need to select the right paper size and paper type before you start printing. The simpler option is to copy the file on your USB Flash Drive and take them to the nearest photo printing store or a self-service photo printing booth - to be printed at dirt cheap prices!

Important Note
Unless you are professional photographer yourself who is used to taking photos for travel documents, you need to ensure that the photo being uploaded to this website is compliant with specific related guidance. Especially things like earns needing to be visible, subject needs to be looking at the camera, the background colour requirements, etc. Failing which the photo is likely to be rejected.

Please let me know If you found this tip useful - and of course, pass this on to your friends. ePassportphotos.com supports photos sizes for a large number of countries*.


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ePassportphotos.com!
Image and Video Credits: ePassportphoto.com

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