22 Nov 2015


Adding new words to my vocabulary is always fun. But it's even more so to discover something interesting about a frequently used word . Here's what is behind the word - Shambles.

1 Jul 2015

Make yourself less noisy on Facebook with Lists and Audience Selector

With Facebook rapidly becoming popular around the world, updates are becoming more and more frequent. I often find myself sifting through irrelevant posts from my well-meaning friends to get to ones that are relevant to me. So I often also find myself showing them how to help reduce their "noise". I've done it so many times that it is time it gets written as a post here for everyone else to read.

27 Sep 2012

Get Your Passport or Travel photos on the cheap

Getting the correct size of passport sized photos printed is an expensive affair! Here's a tip on how to save some money without compromising on your need.

12 Sep 2012

Raymonds Indian TV Ad and Robert Schuhmann

There are very few Indians who wouldn't recognize the signature music playing in the background of the TV commercial for Raymonds (the famed Indian textile maker).

1 Jun 2012

Classical flash mobs

I've previously written about flash mobs where seemingly unrelated group of people get together from a crowd, dance to a tune and then fade right back. This morning I discovered one of classical music!