26 Jul 2004

The founding fathers of UNIX.

source: economist.comHere's a very nice article on the birth of UNIX and C from Economist.com BRAIN SCAN.

UNIX has always been my first love. Later on, i fell in love with Linux and have been advocating the same ever since. The article does not describe the technical intricacies of the OS, but rather takes a look at the human side - the spirit behind its development. UNIX & C, says Dr. Kernighan, were born out of programs written for sheer amusement and personal fun.

What made them capable of standing the test of time was that the severe limitations of the computers of the day, which forced the authors to be ruthlessly efficient with their designs.

A trait we programmers seem to have forgotten over the years.

This article is a good read for those, like me, who have been in love with UNIX/Linux. Gives a non-techie look at the phenomemon which still continues to make waves in the IT world. This article might also be very good for people who have never used, but are curious about UNIX.

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