21 Sep 2006

Being Gandhian is back

Today rediff featured a story on how a certain group of citizens in Lucknow took the Gandhian path of protesting against a liquor shop in their residential area. They admit being inspired by the recent hit film "Lage raho munna bhai" where the hero Munna-bhai uses a similiar method.

My opinion is that the world does indeed go round - we started with hooliganism, then came Gandhi with his unique method - the Satyagraha (which seemed ridiculous to many, but was very effective and peaceful), then we returned back to hooliganism (people smashing up places, beating up elders and more) and now its back to Satyagraha. For me, Satyagraha sounds the civilized way. After all, we need to move forward, dont we?

Read rediff article - Lucknow citizens go Gandhian on liquor merchant

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